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People have been going to fightcommentarys channel and leaving hateful comments on some of their videos of Xu Xiadong. This is really messed up. Their videos where they talk about Xu being “disrespectful” were made BEFORE FCB (and everyone else) knew the full extent of Xus situation. There’s also people “correcting” their timeline based on my video- again this is wrong- my video is not a chronological events of Xus story (and it wasn’t meant to be), its a summary using the most relevant events with everything we know now about his current situation.

FCB has been THE English speaking channel covering Xus story, and they’ve been doing it for years. The only reason I know about it is because of their efforts. They should be commended for bringing Xus story to light, not harassed.


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MMA vs Yellow Bamboo Chi

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Cults exploiting a basic desire for comfort:

Psychology of Cult Leaders:

Tai Chi being taught as part of high school curriculum in China:

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Hydricks imprisonment:

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  1. So, just to say, if you see the amount of add breaks in this video, that's not me.
    The video was claimed by UMG, so I get zero money from it.

    If you're interested, you can support the channel directly here:

    Just wanna say thanks to the people who support my patreon, other wise I literally couldn't afford to make vids like this. .

    But if it's not your thing, no sweat at all, thanks for watching my vids <3

  2. They rob people of money on a fraud they deserve to get there asses kicked they are crooks robing people of there hard earned cash

  3. A real master should go to these bs dojos and clean there clocks, Frauds

  4. That's just conquerors haki

  5. Lol Tai Chi guys stopping Xu, he'd take them all on by himself lmao

  6. xu givin me hella ip man vibes lol

  7. Wow!

    Second coming of Bruce Lee lmao.
    Bruce Lee – I'll teach you how to kick fast and hard and I'll teach you how to punch without breaking your fingers in a real fight.

    Psychic guy – I am second coming of Bruce Lee, I break the laws of physics by turning the yellow page without using my hand.

  8. This is so much true. 70s is an open door for all this kind bizzare fake martial artist and make those legit martial artist lost their face because of this preposterous act of fake martial art.

  9. holy crap, dante died not long after Bruce Lee died.

  10. The most weird thing for me was that Tai-chi master fighting Axl Rose.

  11. Yes, unfortunately that is reality in our society! Fake Martial Artist, Fake Pro Gamer, Fake Wonder Healer ..ect who make millions with people who are easy to manipulate! But the amazing thing is that a lot of people in this world simply believe without questioning! Wait a minute, something is wrong!

  12. Fuck china, fuck communism. Send that nigga over here. bitch asses don't deserve em.

  13. I would like to sign up to the taser kung foo cult please.

  14. Clearly you have never meditated in zazen on a mountain shelf for eleven years, purifying your soul of the worldly contaminants needing to leave your animal spirit before you could obtain enlightment in meeting your inner divine self and become who you truly are in finding your hidden powers and brining them into the light as a beacon for all of humanity to strive for……

  15. I like Chinese martial arts action flicks, they're so fun to watch. Other than that, fuck China.

    Destroying Xu for having a benign opposition to outdated traditions is criminal. I just read in Donnie Yen's bio on iMDb, that he's praised for bringing mixed martial arts to Chinese cinema. Why can he promote MMA in China and not Xu? It's shit like this that makes me sick to death of humanity and its cruel, bigoted nature.

  16. Кому интересна эта тема в рамках России, посмотрите видосы Михаила Лидина "Фрики боевых искусств".

  17. people use fantasy as an escape because we've created a society that is essentially crap. we only have ourselves to blame.

  18. Xu's story is very similar to Bruce Lee's. Lee was also very critical of traditional martial arts due to the stillness and complex positioning that it requires from the fighter, arguing, much like Xu, that although an important tradition, such old styles where useless in real life.

    That's why Lee developed Jeet Kune Do. And much like Xu, Lee was criticized heavily by traditional martial arts masters to the point that many threatened him to close down his Dojo in Seattle

  19. Xu story whould be a great movie, but Hollywood wouldn't make it. They have sold there soul to chinese government.

  20. Humans you can never understand them enough

  21. Its not sad, thats for all the kids he taught that nonsense too, they probably started for self defence. Imagine all the times they got beat up trying to rely on magic.

  22. Hollywood should hire these paid actors.

  23. Thank you for making this video!

  24. ah hey is that sidewalks and skeletons i hear in the bg? nice

  25. I met frank dukes in Japan. I was not impressed. He seemed like a loud mouthed little idiot. Very thin and no muscle mass at all. At the same time a US Navy Master Chief recieved the highest level in Kendo. That was impressive.

  26. Super interesting vid. 10/10 would watch again

  27. Its a demonic spirit not an energy. No such thing such as supernatural energies beside like electricity. It only works on people who practice that type of martial arts because they believe and have this same demonic spirit. Its the same spirit you see in churches where false teachers like benny hinn can wave their hand and knock people over. Thats why it does not work outsiders Its a type of electrical demonic power that paralizes and attacks the nervous system and drops people tp the floor. Ever see demons in haunted houses blow out lights, move things or mess with electronics, is a familiar electrical spirit.. Believe it or not

  28. This video was very well done! Xu Xiadong is a hero for exposing all the martial arts fraud!
    Sadly China won't realize this until 100yrs from now.

  29. This man is a goddamn hero

  30. Go study some karate or boxing ,one of the best martial arts humanity has ever invented

  31. Came to have fun, left depressed. I do not like violence in real life but I do really like fictional violence, making my relationship with martial arts a bit strange, it looks cool and gives movies tools to make great choregraphy, but it's also what you use to either attack someone or deffend yourself, sometimes with the intent to cause harm, or more, I also hate people being taken adventage of, and seeing people's dream being destroyed. TLDR: This video was just the right mixture to fuck my mood up.

    Not complaining btw.

  32. I dont watch pro wrestling, but I do know those guys get pretty beat up doing it.

  33. Marshal arts aren't the only thing that the chinese government is lying about, what they call "chinese medicine" is actually a concept that was created by chairman mao in the 1960's as part of his "china first" campaign during the cultural revolution.

  34. Are there no kickstarters for getting Xu out of China?

  35. Xu reveals not only the fact that traditional Chinese martial arts are nothing more than paper tigers, but also that China itself is nothing more than a paper tiger – gotta feel for the guy!!

    go fund me Xu – i'll contribute

  36. The force is strong with these bullshido jedis

  37. Dude, Xu is out here taking out Martial Arts masters like Guts takes out apostles! No but in all due Seriousness Xu is an amazing man and I hope he gets what he rightfully deserves.

  38. If you want to see some crazy stuff, real ninjutsu. While some of
    Its stuff is guarded some master have become forward to talk about so much of the b.s. that has nothing to do with them.

  39. What Would Bruce Lee Say About This.?

  40. FAKE MARTIAL ARTISTS ARE A SHAME ON THE SPORT WITH THE WORST BEING STEVEN SEAGAL. I see Xu Xiaodong as a decent fighter, not via his skills which are limited, but by his heart. "As far as Lil Stevie, I would love to have a public match with him." Seagal would be on the mat more than standing & not by slight touches from me like one of his supposed opponents who roll over & tap out in his fake exhibitions. Seagal's movies are only worth watching due to talented actors like Scott Adkins in them. Stevie himself has no martial arts skill to speak of regardless of supposedly holding a 7th Dan. What money won't buy these days! I'm easy to find & ready for a match with Steven Seagal anytime. Any promoters are welcome to set this up? Let's do it! Began my training in 1967 at age 10 after my attempted murder by a 19-year-old 2 years earlier. My record to date is 5 guys still on the ground as I chased off the 6th attacker. With my left arm in a sling from a football injury, to avoid a fight in high school, I punched a heavy-duty steel locker (just once with my right hand) so hard in front of the guy the door caved in 4 inches. He chose to walk away. Watching Rocky 2 years later hitting sides of beef was most entertaining. Btw: Sylvester Stallone has real fighting skills & can really act, unlike Steven Seagal who is lacking sorely in both.

  41. Humans hate it when others shatter the lies that prop up their fantasies when they ought to be grateful.

  42. I know a couple dudes deep into strip mall tae-kwon-do…pretty much the same thing hahaha

  43. I don't feel any compassion for even the old man who got his teeth kicked in. They are charlatans who knowingly cheat others out of their money. If over time they become to believe their own lies, that doesn't make me have compassion for them. No, fuck them.

  44. Fist of Bruce lee… blind man

  45. Snake in Eagles shadow is my favorite movie all time

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