CNC Electronics: Explaining What Parts Are Needed And What They Do (#074) – electronics
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A four axis machine with plasma, spindle, rotary axis, Auto Tool Changer (ATC), running on shop-made three phase power. This is a series on how I did it, and what I learned.

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Technical corrections

In the video at 12:06 I show the switches wired in parallel and say they can’t be in the “normally closed position and be wired together… that is true only in the parallel condition. If the switches are wired in series the problem is overcome.

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  1. Very informative video, I especially liked the safety measures. Deserves much more views!

  2. Not sure about exactly how NO contacts can be programmed in the CNC world. In Canada (I would believe it's the same in the US), by regulation, fire detection apparatus are required to be NO and connected in parallel if more than one device is connected to a single circuit. To detect malfunctions, end-of-line resistors are use to insure circuit integrity. Personnaly, I prefer NC circuits for most of my contraptions. Keep up your excellent work!

  3. 8:00 The common general term is just "adapter". You can be more specific with "X to Y adapter" where X is the standard of the data/power source and Y is the standard of the destination. You need to know X and Y by name if you want to find an off-the-shelf solution.

    If the adapter is "passive" (doesn't significantly transform the signal — just connects pins together and maybe throws in some termination resistors), then you can fudge X and Y without harm — Y in your case probably has the same wiring as the RJ45 standard, even though the data doesn't match the RJ45 standard, so a passive whatever-to-RJ45 would probably work.

  4. When using break-out boards for Ethernet/RJ45/8P8C connectors, be aware that those types of connector are usually used for data that is somewhat sensitive to electromagnetic interference (both from outside noise and from cross-talk between wires of the same connector), with the problem usually being mediated with the use of twisted pairs of wire. If you don't know much about the data going through, assume you need to use twisted pairs after the breakout, or if you can use tiny wires, cut off the connector and use the pretwisted pairs inside directly.

  5. Could the switch you created be replaced by a rj45 null modem cable?

  6. Maybe the wire you needed off the shelf was a "crossover" Ethernet cable? There are really just two types of RJ45 cables (crossover and straight through), unless the company who manufactured the encoder did something really special just for their stuff (a possibility). Your pin out board is a better flexible solution to make any off the shelf cord work as long as you know the pin out it needs to be. Probably save yourself money than buying "special made" cords from any manufacturer.

  7. Hey man, love your videos, curiosity only – you said in the part 2 you’d say how much it cost you in the next video… didn’t see that…?

  8. All I have to say is you're awesome. Really happy I found your channel. Did you build that CNC machine that's featured in this video?

  9. What brand of servo driver is this?

  10. You are a genius Jeremy. Thank You so much.

  11. Jeremy, how about mounting a tig torch with a wire spool feeder to the CNC and see if we can 3D metal print with it? I'm a former welder/fabricator, toolmaker machinist and Mechanical Engineer and will help.

  12. I'm so happy Youtube recommended this channel to me. such a cool dude with really interesting projects. One of the best DIY engineering channels I've seen, definitely deserves more subs.

  13. I use to love to watch my dad build things. I learned so much stuff from him like this. Good on you for involving your children.

  14. Love your videos! this is a cool build!

  15. As a network guy, why didn't you just make a crossover cable? I can make you one…or any person in IT can make you a cable.

  16. can i suggest a topic… which is totally self-directed. but which effect everyone of us… 'gadgets' that will make life easier as we age. stuff that will allow us to do the day to day crap we do now, but when we're 'old' – and 'old' is different for everyone – how can we live in our homes longer.

  17. The Electronics part is the exact reason I don't build one. Not only the cost but the electronics. Thanks

  18. Jeremy, I discovered your channel a week ago and it didn't take long till I subscribed. You are awesome, I like the way you keep it within a range of understanding and leave the rest to us to figure out. That makes your videos so fantastic. You explain and teach us so much yet leaves us with just the details to figure out on our own for our personal application. I think it's safe and so smart.
    By the way, when you said "ask me how I know", I knew the answer to that because I did it too, more than once. lol…
    A month ago I was given an old industrial copier machine and an old industrial color printer. I took them apart and kept all I wanted, maybe a little more. Later on is when I found you. I don't know what I'm going to do with all those small stepping motor, compared to the large one you found in that copier machine. If you don't live too far from me I may ask you if you want anything I don't need and I'll send them to you. I live in central Alabama. I have tons of parts I hoarded for a long while which most I probably never use. I never sell anything, I give it away or I throw it away.
    I also dismantle a threadmill and kept the parts, now that I saw how you made a bench power supply out of it I need to find the box where I put all that electronics in. I want to make one just like yours, it's awesome…
    Thanks again for an awesome channel. Keep the great work.

  19. Hi Jeremy: I love your site.
    My question is have you ever built any thing requiring
    a motor with mechanical linkage to shake a something.

    I want to build a shaking box 20” x 30” shaking back & for cleaning parts.
    If none ,any source would be appreciated..
    Thanks Alton Long

  20. I disagree. Two months and $2000 since I decided that want a CNC, I still don't know whether I'm building a router or a mill. I think it's gonna be a mill, because the 30mm rails don't exactly scream "router". Which means I need a new spindle, because my Makita edge router isn't going to cut it. Aaaagh, more money… And that's just the z axis.

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